An American Professor in Europe 
Summer, 2012 
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A Day in Dublin


 A Day's Visit to Dublin
  It was a fairly rainy day in Dublin but I enjoyed it thoroughly.  Very nice city, many monuments, and I those who I met as friendly as can be.  While I was assured that Dublin is different from the rest of the Irish Republic, a big city like London, it is not as large and crazy complicated as London from what I saw in the central area.  You cannot get lost with a good map.  The major street, O’Connel Street bisects the river at right angles and everything is oriented from there.



                   Old Trinity College



13 June, 2012 - Photos of Dublin


     Arriving by ferry from Holyhead very early before breakfast, I was not prepared with Euros (I knew, but hoped for an ATM at the port) so instead of the shuttle bus for E3, I took a taxi but was glad because the driver totally set me up for the day.  As we got to talking, he wanted to proudly share his city with me, very thick Irish accent, and while I hit an ATM to  
pay him he got a city map from another cab driver and wrote out places for me to see, and eat, and also his number.  He said that if I had trouble through the day, got lost, robbed, anything, that I should call him and describe where I was and he would come to me.  So, my first impression within one hour of arrival was that I had a friend in Dublin.
     Highlights today included Dublin Castle built by King John in 1204, Talbot Street, Temple Bar, Christ Church Cathedral,
and of course, St. Patrick’s.  Jonathan Swift was the Dean of St. Patricks for many years and wrote Gulliver’s Travels during that time.  I had not considered all the other writers from Dublin, and they are all memorialized and revered: James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and now Samuel Beckett.  The band U2 owns a famous hotel along the River Liffey and their classic recording studio was even on the tourist map.  I finished up the day as the sun came out a while at Trinity College, the Long Room in the library and I saw the Book of Kells (no photography inside).  When I returned across the Irish Sea in the afternoon, the clouds parted and it was an absolutely sunny and clear stretch all the way back to Wales. 

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South Stack lighthouse from perspective of making port

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